GEO Explores Ancient Sites of Malta, Laos, the Russian Far East &Wrangel Island

By Geographical Society of Philadelphia (other events)

Thursday, November 14 2019 6:30 PM 9:00 PM

The Geographical Society’s second Marco Polo event the season will be held on November 14, 2019, at DoubleTree Hilton Center City. 

Tickets include light dinner, drinks, and presentation. Discount parking for $12. 

The Island of Malta's Ancient Sites - Jennifer Stein will present her travels with world-renowned archeologist Robert Schoch, including ancient megalithic sites and picturesque walled city.

Laos  - See Laos from award-winning photographer Tom Tauber's lens. Rarely visited, Laos is a remote country in Southeast Asia that has had its share of wars over the centuries. It is also an intensely spiritual country with great landscapes. Luang Prabang, its second-largest city, is a place where the past comes alive in temples and royal palaces and where Buddhist monks line up early in the morning to receive alms from the local people. 

The Russian Far East and Wrangel Island - Only 500 visitors a year go to this island in the Arctic, where explorers in the past have been marooned on the ice, where many froze and died. Meg and Roger Berlin will share photos and stories of islands uninhabited by people but teeming with polar bears, walruses, birds—and, witnessing the changing climate: no ice! See beautiful and desolate scenery, wildlife, indigenous populations and settlements along the Russian coast.